Public Health and Epidemiology - PhD Graduate Programme

The Graduate programme in Public Health and Epidemiology (PHE) covers a comprehensive area consisting of population-based epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, social medicine, environmental medicine, industrial medicine, research in prevention and health promotion, and health services research.

The areas carry a great deal of overlap and are central to our understanding of the occurrence and causes of diseases (both the surrounding environment and the individual factors), understanding of patient courses, the health services’ organisation and the effect of different strategies of prevention and health promotion.

The many disciplines within the PHE programme have a common methodological basis in epidemiology and in biostatistics. PHE also attracts researchers from several clinical and theoretical institutes, as the research may comprise patient cohorts, genes, biomarkers and physiological processes in the search of causes for development of especially chronic diseases.

Public health research makes up a substantial part of the translational research.
PHE performs series of PhD courses within epidemiology and public health and often works together with the Graduate programme in 
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.
The courses do not only apply to members of PHE, but also to a large number of other PhD students.

PHE is anchored in the Department of Public Health at University of Copenhagen.

PHE is part of the national network of Graduate programmes in public health (GRASPH) comprising Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen. The main purpose of the network is to organize a summer school.